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GUIDE: Money Making Quests
Quests for Adena

Here is a List of Quests that give a worthwhile amount of adena all compiled into one guide. Complete all these quests and you won’t be hurting for adena at the start of the server. You might even be able to buy D grade soulshots when you hit your 20s!

Quest for Soulshot or Spiritshot : No Grade Beginners

Not really a quest for Adena but it saves you adena from buying no grade soulshots or spirit shots. This quest is a must do if you ever want to buy any gear or shots in the future. The quest for shots begins at level 6, however each race utilizes a different quest and different starting point.

Dwarves: The Hidden Veins. Start NPC Filaur in the Elder council of the Dwarven Village

Orcs: Invaders of the Holy Land. Start NPC Varkees in the Kings Hall of the Orc Village

Dark Elves: Chains of Slavery. Start NPC Kristin at the west exit of the Dark Elf Village

Elves: Hunt the Orcs. Start NPC Rayan at the southwest exit of the Elven Village

Humans: The Guard is Busy. Start NPC Gilbert at the Northeast exit of Talking Island

After picking up the quest, you will be given a few monsters to kill. Go hunt these monsters until you receive a quest item. You can continue to hunt for quest items which each give an x amount of adena or you can return to the start NPC and turn in the quest. If you are a fighter class, you will receive 6000 Soulshot: No Grade for Beginners. If you are a mystic class, you will receive 3000 Spiritshot: No Grade for Beginners.

Sword of Solidarity

Start Level: 9
Start Location: Talking Island
Race: Human
Reward: 10,981 adena (Thanks to Hezru for the update), Sword of Solidarity,100 Lesser Healing Potions, Echo Crystals
Synopsis: Start at Grand Master Roien, then go to Blacksmith Altran. Altran tells you to hunt Tunath Orc Warriors and Tunath Orc Marksmen in the Elven Ruins. When you get both pieces go back to Altran, he will send you to Roien, who will send you back to Altran to collect your reward.

Legacy of the Poet

Start Level: 11
Start Location: Elven Village
Race: Elf, Human, Dwarf
Reward: 13,890 adena
Synopsis: Talk to Sentinal Starden, then kill Baroq Orcs in the Elven Fortress until you get all the pages of the poem. Return to Starden who will reward you.

Curse of the Underground Fortress

Start Level: 12
Start Location: Elven Village
Race: Elf, Human, Dwarf
Reward: 24,000 adena and Bone Shield
Synopsis: Begin the quest at Trader Unoren, he asks you to go to the Elven Fortress and bring back 10 bone fragments as well as 3 Elven skulls. Kill skeleton mobs, dark terrors, mist terrors, and shade horror mobs to receive the quest items. When complete, return to Unoren.

Protect the Water Source

Start Level: 12
Start Location: Elven Village
Race: Elf
Reward: 18,250 adena
Synopsis: Talk to Hierarch Asterios and then travel to the water source by the Shadow of the Mother tree. Kill Quest Monster Plague Zombies until you have 5 handfuls of plague dust. Return to Asterios to collect the reward.

Dwarven Kinship

Start Level: 15
Start Location: Dark Elven Village
Race: All
Reward: 22,000 adena
Synopsis: You only want to do this quest if you need to go to Gludio or Gludin. Talk to Warehouse Freightman Collette in DE village. Then deliver the letter to Harprock in Gludio warehouse. After you need to go to Gludin warehouse and talk to Norman to receive reward.

Offspring of Nightmares

Start Level: 15
Start Location: Dark Elven Village
Race: Dark Elf
Reward: 17,150 adena and Bone Gaiters
Synopsis: Talk with Magister Vlasty in DE village temple. Hunt Lesser Dark Horrors and Dark Horrors until you get a Perfect Skull. Bring the skull back to Magister Vlasty to collect the reward.

Dangerous Seduction

Start Level: 21
Start Location: Dark Elven Village
Race: Dark Elf
Reward: 102,680 adena, 38,607 exp, 4,018 sp
Synopsis: Start the quest at Tetrach Vellior. He tells you to kill Merkenis at the School of Dark Arts. Once you receive the item return to Vellior for the reward.

Blood Fiend

Start Level: 21
Start Location: Elven Village
Race: All
Reward: 41,130 adena
Synopsis: Talk to Trader Creamees in the magic shop of Elven Village. Kill Kirunak in the last room of the Elven Fortress to get Kirunak’s Skull. Return to Trader Creamees to collect reward.

Hunting Leto Lizardmen (Thanks to Serotonin for the update)

Start Level: 34-39 
Start Location: Giran Castle Town 
Race: All 
Reward: 30,000 adena or 50 animal bones or 50 animal skins 
Synopsis: Start the quest by talking to Guard Rath(North Entrance). Hunt any of the Leto Lizardmen EXCEPT Shamans in the Plains of Lizardmen near Oren until you have 60 Lizardman Bracelets. Go back to Rath to collect your reward.

Gather Ingredients for Pie

Start Level: 34
Start Location: Dion Castle Town
Race: All
Reward: 25,000 adena or 50 varnish
Synopsis: Start the quest by talking to Emily. Hunt Wasp Leader and Wasp Working in Beehive until you have 100 Honey Sacs. Go back to Emily. Go to Lara. Go to Guard Bright. Return to Emily to collect the reward.

Smile for my friend smile, who sent me in this blog post a while ago! Hope this helps any new characters here with adena issues they all seem to be having!!!
You can also add Hunting Leto Lizardmen (34-39). Guard Rath in Giran. Rewards: 30k adena or 50 animal bones or 50 animal skins.
Sword of Solidarity doesn't give any adena. It gives 7000 NG beginner soulshots
Dwarf ftw
thanks alot , also from your name you appear to be of arabian origin.. i hope im not the only player from egypt in this server Big Grin
Hey bud, you do have a good eye I must admit! I am English(Technically 1/4 Scottish, 3/4 English) however I adapted my nickname from "Arash" in Arabic(It's a mix of the meaning of the word, and my old CS nickname of Amaranth). Happy the guide is of assistance!

P.S- Have updated the post with the additions/amendments of Hezru & Serotonin! Thanks guys!

i have known this song for a long time now :'D

ps: im a metal head Big Grin
Are any of those quests repeatable?

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