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Closer look at our GMs

Since there were some questions about ourselves, and we personally think that friendship is built on trust, we think it would be a nice time to introduce ourselves so you can know us better. Also, feel free to ask any additional questions, if you have any. Other GMs will add their profiles asap :)

Forum Nickname: ChinaTown
Game Nickname: ChinaTown
Real Name: Vladimir
Age: 24
Location: Italy, Milan
Sex: Male
Experience of L2 as a gamer: about 10 years (with breaks)

Role in server's daily activity: head gm, programmer, technical work, bug fixes, patches, client management, server management. 
Skills: video montage, camera work, post- production, image production and editing, Php, css, html, javascript, sql, c++ .
Software: Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro, Eclipse, Adobe PS CS6, Adobe Flash, Apache, Windows and Linux Server Managament etc. 

Description: I am a "techy" guy that loves gadgets, technology, gaming and especially Lineage 2. 
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
Forum Nickname: SKARR
Game Nickname: SKARR
Real Name: Alex
Age: Unknown
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Sex: Male
Experience of L2 as a gamer: about 8 years (played C1 to Hellbound, rarely Epilogue, GoD)

Role in server's daily activity: information facilitator, forum administrator and moderator, game gm, server management.
Skills: Greater Battle Heal, Dance of Fury, Celestial Shield, Wind Walk, Ultimate Defense.
Forum Nickname: nyr (who could have guessed?)
Game Nickname: Nyr
Real Name: Alex
Age: 21
Location: Glasgow, UK
Sex: Male
Experience of L2 as a gamer: playing on/off since roughly 8 years ago

Role in server's daily activity: getting things done
Skills: coding/debugging, security, log crunching, front and back-end webdev stuff
Software: an SSH client + free time

Description: Aside from staring at screens and being a coffee fiend, I'm also interested in sound technology.
Forum Nickname: Evonex
Game Nickname: Carecupz
Real Name: Mohamed
Age: 18
Location: NYC, USA
Sex: Male
Experience of L2 as a gamer: Almost 4 months

Role in server's daily activity: server and forum management during Europe night hours. Advertisement manager, design adviser
Skills: hardware management, communication
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Windows hardware management software.

Description: My task is to monitor the server and be available on American peak hours. If something happens to the server during that time- I fix it. I love gaming in general and fell in love with L2 as soon as I was introduced to the game concept.
Forum Nickname: Pinng
Game Nickname: Pinng
Real Name: Per
Age: 25
Location: Norway
Sex: Yes
Experience of L2 as a gamer: 2005

Role in server's daily activity: Community manager.
Skills: A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Always learning.

Description: Hobby philosopher. Open minded.
Forum Nicname: Dr.Pen
Game Nickname: DrPen (note the absence of the dot, easier to PM that way XD)
Real Life Nickname: Nadja
Age: born in 1984, do the math!
Location: Germany
Sex: Female
Experience of L2 as a gamer: I started with C4 and pretty much kept at it with occasional breaks (and before you ask...YES, I totally agree with the sentiment that the game went steadily downhill after interlude!)

Role in server's daily activity: forum and game administration, server management
Skills: c, c++, java, image editing, voice overs
Software: Visual Studio 2015, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Description: I am here for you guys, there isn't much more to it! If you need anything or just want to have a chat feel free to contact me and I will try to help you out to be best of my ability!
[Image: 2cermf9.png]

Add to Anti-Banner
Wow, nice programmers team we had here. Can I send resume? :)
Icy - PR / SH / DR / WC - Heretic Clan Apostle

Who is still active from the 7 gm/admin above?
Only DrPen and she is VERY busy. GL :)
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
(07-08-2016, 12:36 PM)mrbobe Wrote:
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Only DrPen and she is VERY busy. GL :)

Thanks for the fast reply!
I think maybe from the community side some effort should be made to lure back the rest. :)

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