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Closer look at our GMs

Since there were some questions about ourselves, and we personally think that friendship is built on trust, we think it would be a nice time to introduce ourselves so you can know us better. Also, feel free to ask any additional questions, if you have any. Other GMs will add their profiles asap :)

Forum Nickname: ChinaTown
Game Nickname: ChinaTown
Real Name: Vladimir
Age: 24
Location: Italy, Milan
Sex: Male
Experience of L2 as a gamer: about 10 years (with breaks)

Role in server's daily activity: head gm, programmer, technical work, bug fixes, patches, client management, server management. 
Skills: video montage, camera work, post- production, image production and editing, Php, css, html, javascript, sql, c++ .
Software: Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro, Eclipse, Adobe PS CS6, Adobe Flash, Apache, Windows and Linux Server Managament etc. 

Description: I am a "techy" guy that loves gadgets, technology, gaming and especially Lineage 2. 
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
Forum Nickname: SKARR
Game Nickname: SKARR
Real Name: Alex
Age: Unknown
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Sex: Male
Experience of L2 as a gamer: about 8 years (played C1 to Hellbound, rarely Epilogue, GoD)

Role in server's daily activity: information facilitator, forum administrator and moderator, game gm, server management.
Skills: Greater Battle Heal, Dance of Fury, Celestial Shield, Wind Walk, Ultimate Defense.
Forum Nickname: nyr (who could have guessed?)
Game Nickname: Nyr
Real Name: Alex
Age: 21
Location: Glasgow, UK
Sex: Male
Experience of L2 as a gamer: playing on/off since roughly 8 years ago

Role in server's daily activity: getting things done
Skills: coding/debugging, security, log crunching, front and back-end webdev stuff
Software: an SSH client + free time

Description: Aside from staring at screens and being a coffee fiend, I'm also interested in sound technology.
Forum Nickname: Evonex
Game Nickname: Carecupz
Real Name: Mohamed
Age: 18
Location: NYC, USA
Sex: Male
Experience of L2 as a gamer: Almost 4 months

Role in server's daily activity: server and forum management during Europe night hours. Advertisement manager, design adviser
Skills: hardware management, communication
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Windows hardware management software.

Description: My task is to monitor the server and be available on American peak hours. If something happens to the server during that time- I fix it. I love gaming in general and fell in love with L2 as soon as I was introduced to the game concept.
Forum Nickname: Pinng
Game Nickname: Pinng
Real Name: Per
Age: 25
Location: Norway
Sex: Yes
Experience of L2 as a gamer: 2005

Role in server's daily activity: Community manager.
Skills: A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Always learning.

Description: Hobby philosopher. Open minded.
Forum Nicname: Dr.Pen
Game Nickname: DrPen (note the absence of the dot, easier to PM that way XD)
Real Life Nickname: Nadja
Age: born in 1984, do the math!
Location: Germany
Sex: Female
Experience of L2 as a gamer: I started with C4 and pretty much kept at it with occasional breaks (and before you ask...YES, I totally agree with the sentiment that the game went steadily downhill after interlude!)

Role in server's daily activity: forum and game administration, server management
Skills: c, c++, java, image editing, voice overs
Software: Visual Studio 2015, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop CS5

Description: I am here for you guys, there isn't much more to it! If you need anything or just want to have a chat feel free to contact me and I will try to help you out to be best of my ability!
[Image: 2cermf9.png]

Add to Anti-Banner
Forum Nicname: Contamination, duuuh
Game Nickname: Contamination
Real Life Nickname: Robert
Age: Fine wine of the year 1986
Location: Germany
Sex: Male

Experience of L2 as a gamer:
Played for 10 years on and off. Started on the official server for 4 chronicles then had a break for another MMORPG. After i came back i went to several Pservers and in the end found my home here.

Role in server's daily activity: Community Manager:
I will be here to take your requests online and try to provide ingame support as much as i can. Problems that can't be resolved ingame or are to minor (ie. can be googled) will be sorted and forwarded to the server management. This is to provide better cover of GM Support for you and faster resolution of problems.

What i can't do for you:
I can not fix most Bugs ingame, i can only provide support or workarounds.

Skills i bring for this job:
I have a Masters in Education, which includes Sociology and Psychology. Additionally i have worked a year with special needs kids, i think this experience will come in handy here.

Looking forward to see you all ingame.

Greetings Contamination
Wow, nice programmers team we had here. Can I send resume? :)
Icy - PR / SH / DR / WC - Heretic Clan Apostle

Who is still active from the 7 gm/admin above?
Only DrPen and she is VERY busy. GL :)
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]

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