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GUIDE: Saving Adena with Teleports!
Getting Around - The Money Saving Way

Teleporting around Lineage II by means of the gatekeepers can be quite costly.
These seemingly innocent Gatekeepers invite you to take a load off your back and transport you to any zone. Little do you know, that these geographical rides will take a large toll on your wallet! To avoid burning that hole in your pocket, follow these easy instructions to save a little adena. Although it may take a little longer than instantaneous teleporting, it will help you in the long run.

Newbie Characters and Newbie Travel Tokens

As Newbie characters you will receive 12 Newbie Travel Tokens. Cherish these derely for they will help you drastically, especially if you are a Human, Orc, or Dwarf. The price to travel to another town will cost you an arm and a leg. Instead what you should do is speak to the Newbie Guide and Select “Teleport using the Newbie Travel Token”. From here, you can teleport to any other starter village.

Example: Utilzing Newbie Travel Tokens, the cheapest way to get to Gludio or Gludin from a starter town that is not Elven Village (Orc Village, Talking Island, Dwarven Village, or even Dark Elven Village) is to use a Travel token to port to Elven Village → Gludio (cost 1 Newbie token + 4600 adena)

To continue to Gludin from Starter town
Travel Token port to Elven Village → Gludio → Gludin
(cost 1 Newbie token + 4600 a + 3650 a)

Running and Using Scrolls of Escapes

Another way to save adena by not teleporting is by running! This however can take a really really long time. To efficiently run from one area to the next in a good manner of time, you will need to invest in Scroll of Escapes (Soe). Soe’s will cost you around 440 - 480 adena. How will know when to soe? There is nothing worse than running half way from city to city and using a Scroll of Escape only to realize you have not passed the threshold of your previous town, thus returning you right back to the start. Have no fear! There is a sure-fire way to gauge how far you’ve gotten and whether or not you need to keep running.

Running from Neutral Zone to Gludio
After running or teleporting to neutral zone (depending on how stingy you want to be) type the command “/loc” to find your current location. Opening your map also shows a Current position in the left hand corner, but it is sometimes not very detailed as to which town you will end up in.

Teleporting with Intermediates

The Last way to save adena on teleports is by using intermediates, meaning instead of teleporting from Gludio to Aden, you can save a lot of adena by first porting Gludio → Dion → Giran → Aden.

Example: The teleport prices at the time I checked were
Gludio → Aden (28,000 adena)
But if you ported with intermediates it would have costed you Gludio → Dion (1700)→ Giran (3400) → Aden (6500). Costing a total of 11,600 adena, still saving you 16,400 adena had you just ported from Gludio to Aden

Keep in mind that teleport prices shown above may not be exactly reflective of all servers but the general idea of using intermediate towns to teleport from one to the next does save you adena

By following these simple easy ways of getting around, you can save that much needed adena when you are first starting out in Lineage II. Hopefully you will have enough adena or time and patience when it comes to completing your class quests!

It always pay's to be smart and savvy!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this guide, was written by an old clan mate of mine called Stardust, I have a large amount of these guides from when I was Blog Manager at PlusOneL2, will be posting helpful ones since a lot of players have been having hard times with adena it seems!
I've followed all three steps to perfection, it still eats loads of money Tongue Although, I'm not complaining, because I like the struggle
wow I was just writing this thing on the previous post. Good tutorial!
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and what is the reason of the doubled teleport prices, sometimes it's just doubles for a period, and i can't figure out why
Teleport prices double depending on a time period in lineage 2.
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Would be nice if you made a list with ports of "how to get there" For some important locations.
For example, which is the cheapest way to get to schuttgart.
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[Image: bgtslf.jpg]
"The best part about me is I am not you."
As a Newbie, from Dwarf Village.
As a Mid Level Character, from Oren.
As a high level character, from Rune.

Cheapest way to get to Schuttgart.
(06-16-2015, 02:07 AM)ChinaTown Wrote:
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Teleport prices double depending on a time period in lineage 2.

I think i said exactly that, the question is, what's the exact time period, and when will it start/end.
Fantasy Island is your best friend for this. It connects all major cities. So from Dion you go to Fantasy Island and then to Schuttgart.
the dream

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