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L2 Tweaked Client Files
(06-01-2015, 06:55 PM)HobbitFoot Wrote:
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Is there a way that I can alter/change text color of let say clan members logging in, crit damage. If so how could I, I don't want to do anything to go against the eula and server rules.

I found a way to alter the systemmsg-e.dat file, and managed to change the color of the "The Spoil condition has benn activated." message. You have to use L2 File Editor, look it up, i can link mine, but it's in russian.. but if you manage to open your dat file it looks like this:


You have to search for your text with CTRL+F and change the HTML color codes manually. It needs a bit of understanding data structures but its not that hard.

Here is the russian version of the editor:
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If you need any help, feel free to ask.
Anyone have a way to remove the "decrease background performance"? In later updated you can uncheck it in the ingame options but that doesn't exist in interlude :/
Not talking about lower detail.
Decrease background performance is when your game is in the background (if you alt+tab or whatever) it is lowered to like 3 fps. It's supposed to be easier on your computer I guess but it causes other problems, like when you autofollow with your box, it won't keep up with your main, and switching between boxes becomes laggy.
But, when i draw this file and (CTRL+C CRTL+V) in sistem, i do login in game and the client stay BUG, is not in windowed mode. The screen is fixed, so it is bad to play with dual box.

It happens to somebody else?
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Everything was fine till new patch for me, but now it does not work and boxing is annoying.
User.ini is working fine for me.

The problem I found now, is that dragging an item or skill playing full screen, I don't see neither the skill nor the item. Playing in window mode there is no problem at all
If you have issues after the update - just reapply again what you had modded before again, as the updater restores the game to its' previous condition replacing modded files with the retail ones.
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I have full checked the files multiple times, yet the dragging item/skill bug is still happening.

I didn't play full screen before the patch, so I can confirm if that bug was there before, but I asked clanmates and they confirmed there was no such bug before.

Were you using any mods before the update? Such as "Tweaked Client files" from this topic?
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