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L2 Ringtones

I have finally finished decoding and decrypting the Lineage 2 audio SFX files and to my surprise a lot of them fit well as ringtones/ message tones. I have packed and uploaded them for you so you can carry a little piece of Lineage 2 everywhere with you.  :heart:

The file includes: 
  • All character sounds and voices (casting/ skill use/ social emotions).
  • Music Crystal songs and melodies.
  • Various sounds (craft/ enchant success, clan invitation/ join, party join/ leave, level up, quest progress, recommend, siege etc. sounds).
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[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
Hey ChinaTown

This reminded me also to the beautiful Lineage 2 soundtrack. My wife is still using some of the l2 town soundtracks as a ringtones and one even as a wake up alarm Big Grin
I wouldn't mind being awaken by the sound of dion's village
[Image: 293evxe.jpg]
[Image: 23u2cn8.jpg]
Sweet work China!!!! Thanks mate!
Hey i joined to the forum for this post!, do you have the sound of the "Skillshot" or the spells, i hope mi english be good. Thanks bro.

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