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L2Dawn community and game rules [updated]
L2Dawn is all about the quality of your time and enjoyment, therefore there are rules to ensure that. 

By taking part in L2Dawn community, whether it is in-game, forums or other social interactive places you agree to adhere to the following rules from the moment you become a part of the community:

  1. Your forum and game accounts are your responsibility which you carry from the moment you create them. Your accounts are hosted on L2Dawn ( and servers therefore you agree to the servers' policy and rules. Misbehavior and misconduct will result in actions taken against your accounts to ensure the healthy environment of the game and the forums. 
  2. Usage of any software/ tools that give unfair advantage against other players or try to cheat the system is strictly forbidden. You agree not to use any tools that inject into Lineage 2 or manipulate and/ or exploit the game behavior in any way. Explanations such as "was testing bot security" or/ and "just wanted to test how it feels like" will not be accepted. The game security will indiscriminately ban both any and every account and the player trying to use it. The account ban is permanent. Player ban can be appealed on our forums and if it is fair and honest the player might receive one second chance.
  3. Account safety and integrity is your responsibility. Administration will never ask for your password. Please try to keep your account details safe, secure and secret. In case of being scammed, you may report your issue to the administration, however given the difficulty of a situation, it is not obliged to fully restore/ recover your loss. UPDATE: Due to a huge time sink analysing logs we are no longer accepting scam reports. Your account integrity is your own responsibility. 
  4. Your account is your responsibility. Any illegal actions taken by other person from your account will result in the account getting banned. Excuses, such as "it was my friend, not me" will not be accepted as you voluntarily, though momentarily, passed your account ownership to the third party people. 
  5. The administration of the Game server and Forums is: ChinaTown, DrPen, Aristokrate, Light, Pinng. You agree to respect them and treat them accordingly. Any misbehavior such as misjudgement, blackmailing, cursing, non based blaming, bad-naming will be punished. 
  6. Pretending to be an admin is strongly prohibited and will be severely punished. 
  7. Unapproved advertising is strongly prohibited and will be severely punished. 
  8. During a gaming session a player is allowed to have 1 + 1 active game accounts per player + 3 offline shops at the same time. If you have more members in your family using the same IP please head to the multiboxing thread to report your case and inform the community of l2dawn. The number of owned accounts in general is unlimited. 
  9. Scamming of any way/ method whether it involves trading or account integrity is not allowed. RMT (real money trading) is strictly forbidden, all offending accounts run the risk of being permanently banned. Fake shout traders will be tracked, punished and items taken back to their original owners from scammers' accounts. Offline shops with misleading titles/ shop descriptions will be punished as follows: 1st time - 48 hour suspension from the ability to open a shop on that character. 2nd time- 1 week suspension from the ability to open a shop. 3rd time - permanent account ban. 
  10. You agree to respect every member of L2Dawn community and behave accordingly. Any racist, sexual or other type of insults will not be tolerated. Threats of a physical, sexual assault or any other type of abuse will not be tolerated. Failure to follow this rule will result as follows: 1st time - 1 hour chat ban from every chat channel. 2nd time - 24 hours of chat ban from every chat channel. 3rd time - 1 week player isolation. Deliberate constant violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban. Threats that appear sufficiently convincing and warning to cause the real danger to any of our members or people in real time and life may be reported to respective official crime fighting authorities along with the chat logs and required personal tracking information such as IP addresses. 
  11. Any behavior that disrupts events or other GM work may be punished. 

Finally, excuses such as "this was normal/ tolerated on other servers" will be ignored. We are not like other servers. You picked your airlines, you are on our plane so please accept our rules. 
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]
Rule number 5 has been updated to include Forum Mods as per ChinaTown.
Mods have been removed from Rule 5 as per ChinaTown as this is causing confusion.
This will be revisited at a later stage.
cbp craft at 10kk here they come Tongue
It's still outdated.
Is there anyone out there reading this topic anyway?
I am. You are concerned only with point 5 or something else too?
Mostly that, yea.
Point 5 updated on request from Lulow. ;)
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