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Engagement And Marriage guide
Hi!Im playing here almost since the beginning and i have witnessed the journey of L2 DAWN,from the summer days,where there were times at casual xp spots none but me existed till nowadays DAWN is growing and will keep growing.It is a pleasure cause really DAWN deserves it after the hard work have been done by Gm s and staff and what server is offering compared to others.Although im a little bit suprised about the decision to add such content in the game,content that is totally custom and never existed on retail.So i would like to ask if this gonna be permanent or not(maybe im missing something)?Cause if this implement gonna be permanent it will affect game mechanics and possible used as an "expoit" ;).So please at least reconsider such an implemenentation.The above its just how i see it,i would like to hear more opinions from the community :) Keep up the good work

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