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Dear Santa im a dad of four children , the youngest is 2 months old and the largest eight years and they are the most valuable treasure of my life , with them I realized that in my heart Im still a child.Before this beautiful family appear in my life i liked and i played lineage 2.I know dear Santa you are verry busy to make more and more people happy but kindly please dear Santa take care of this server to be eternal for milion of people could enjoy it.I promise dear Santa i will be a good player i will help the server and the other players and i will play on this server to the end.With love and respect your good player Faur
(12-01-2016, 07:16 PM)MaStRoXaLaSthS Wrote:
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Dear Santa, I already have everything I could possibly wish for this year. Got my family, good friends, LOVE + This Server. Please take care of those who need you the most. THANK YOU!! ( Toympano ) Wizard's Hat

Since you have already everything, you don't need a wizard's hat. This thread is for the 2015 Xmas event. If China runs it again, there will be a new thread. This one is closed.
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