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Dear Santa,

I like a good boy who was throughout the year I need this accessory *----*

skinka with loven :*

PS. THANK YOU:) (GAME NICK: Delenthar)
Hello, it's me
I'm a Dorfy and
I was wondering if after all these years
You'd like to meet, to go over everything
They say that time's supposed to heal ya
But I ain't done much healing after all the exping...

Hello, can you hear me Santa?
I'm in Giran dreaming about who we used to be
When we were newbs and free
I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet
There's such a difference between us
You are a Santa and i'm just a Dorfyyyyyy

Hello from the other side
I must've write to u a thousand times
To tell you I'm sorry, for everything that I've done bad
But when I write you never seem to be home
At least I can say that I've tried
To tell you I'm sorry, for breaking your heart with all my bad works
But it don't matter Santa i always want to be good... Rolleyes :heart:

In game name: Spurga

Item: Black Jester Hat
HELLO dear santa i was a very good boy this year but i did something stupid i broke me fingers/hand while playing minnifootbal like the people who play 5 vs 5 so i broke them the day before my birthday wich it was earlier this month and it like a bummer but is ok i guess the other thing tho is that with that hand is my good hand for playing games so cant play but am using the other hand now and i learned using it very well actually to play lineage 2 .So anyway i would love to have the first hat it will make me haoppy anyway happy xmas:) ingame name: Drematu ... (edit)
(11-27-2015, 09:16 PM)Santa Wrote:
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Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is slowly but surely coming to L2Dawn!

[Image: xmas.png]

And with it - amazing events! I was told L2Dawn players are the best and most sincere people out there and was asked to visit them and fulfill their Xmas wishes! So here I am! I will be mainly doing 2 things on the server for the period of Christmas:

  1. Lineage 2 Xmas Event. Explore the world of Lineage 2, collect event items and build your own Christmas tree which buffs you and heals you! Oh and if you ask nicely I will give you my Santa's hat! And all newbies in all newbie towns will receive the Christmas Spirit buff!
  2. L2Dawn community Event. Oh this one is exciting. Here are the limited hats I was asked to gift to all good children of L2Dawn:
[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]

How to get them you say? Oh it is simple. Simply write your lovely Santa a letter here! Right under my post! Make sure it is creative and nice - Santa likes reading! And include 1 of the hats that you would like to receive. And on the Xmas morning I will visit you while you are sleeping and will give you the hat! 

Players that wrote most creative letters will receive a special gift!

Let the fun begin!

      SANTA! IS IT REALLY YOU!? This is your favorite player on the L2DAWN Private server of Lineage2, IT IS THE EVA SAINT MEADOWS! Santa it is very important you read my letter because YOU MUST KNOW WHAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAYING ABOUT YOU! They think that you DO NOT EXIST!!! I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE REAL!!! 
     When I was a child the other children tried to tell me you weren't real. I simply would not believe them. I insisted it could not be true! As the years went by more and more of my friends would tell me I was crazy for believing..... I know I am not crazy..... Trust me, I am not crazy. ANYWAY, I was 19 years old, Yes I was a big boy now. I was so sick of hearing these terrible rumors about you. This was the year I would put all these rumors to rest! I decided I would confront my Mommy and Daddy! 
      I awoke Christmas morning as I usual would.. the smell whisky in the air along with the sounds of my parents screaming. I was overjoyed! Christmas was a great day because Mommy and Daddy would usually fall asleep much earlier on this day and punishments tended to be much less. I thought to myself "I better rush downstairs soon before they get angry!" After opening my present (A brand new sock), I thought to myself "THIS IS THE TIME". I was overwhelmed with anxiety. Sweat was seeping from every pour. I have waited 19 years to know the truth............


   I spent all my time alone in my room. All day I would sit alone and think about you. If I wasn't thinking about you, It wouldn't be long until I would. I stopped eating or spending time with my friends. I stopped working out at the gym, and my grades began to drop. Everyone was worried about me. After a while my loved ones worry turned to anger. They would say to me "all you do is think about Santa!" My life would never be the same

    Honestly Santa... I want to tell you something. When I told you about how I felt when I found out you aren't real. It is exactly how I reacted when I started play Lineage2 again!!! Anyway Santa I hope you have a very nice Christmas.

    Santa Clause and Lineage 2 are very similar! Santa clause and lineage2 may both not be "real", but Santa Clause and lineage 2 both bring us so much JOY!!!! People may not understand why some believe in Santa, much like many people will not understand why we love Lineage 2 the way they do. IGNORE THE HATERS! Live your life and enjoy the things that matter to you! I hope everyone has a very nice holiday season weather they celebrate Christmas or any other holiday!! I love you all

My best regards to my Lineage 2 Family!,

Dear Santa,

I was good during this year, which I and all who knows me did not expected Big Grin

I would like to say you that we are really happy here on this server, we like stuff who make a lot of job so do not forget to bring some presents for them too Tongue, but do not forget to bring the biggest one for me. (The biggest one is first hat from the top) Hope all your stuff are doing as well as these guys do, because you have to bring presents for everyone in the whole world, not only everyone on this server, so hurry up!

My parents told me you do not exist, but I will wait until you come to my house through chimney and let me here some presents and I will definetlly trust in you forever.

PS: I am sorry, but we are out of milk and cookies <3

(in-game called CukriQ)
Dear Santa,

Hundreds of thousands of letters shall make their way across the frozen tundra to your workshop in the North Pole. I found my Song of Wind not able to reach you and Im too heavy for my wolf to travel across the land. So i would wish you to send me the jester hat. Its will be great if you could do me the favor since you can fly hehe. MErry Xmas Big Grin

Hey, Santa,
I‘m glad you came here, to virtual L2 world.

It would be great celebrate Christmas with a new stylish accessorie, so i decided writte letter to you with unique topic... in real life im incurable realist with HUGE optimist attributes, so i writte one interesting fact for my self, gues that maybe not all L2 community knows it:)

In fact, i know that you - Santa Claus, is not a only  just a myth, but a legendary man. You lived during the fourth century Bishop of Myra Nikalojus city, now known as Demre (Turkey ) . While many believe that Santa Claus native place should be somewhere in the north, but it appears he lived here. The local church served as Bishop Nicholas (Santa Nikalojus, Santa Claus ), sailors and patron of the poor in order to give children the joy Partial them tiny gifts . This man and started a nice tradition to donate Christmas gifts to children. It is a real Santa Claus “ancestor”. He was recognized by the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches as an example of kindness and generosity. Over the centuries, the legend of the man and his image has changed. Today's Santa Claus has been around since the nineteenth century mid- American cartoonist Thomas Nast in popularity thanks. For real, today everyone, who don’t forget nice word, don’t forget to smile or just simply share good mood is real SANTA CLAUS.  And, yes I believe in miracles and very like third picture hat. :)
p.s. fact’s are real, and no, not used Google,

Best wishes from Lithuania,
In game: resdent
Pff Santa,

didnt i tell you last time dont fly over the continent drunkenly? You always just drink, only pure luck you have job one night in the year.
Dont you remember your disastrous flight last winter when you caught the top of the Ivory Tower? What a crater did you create! Even the mages barely survived. You didnt left there anything except stonepowder-covered snowmen, luminous spheres and that strange angels which dropped from your bag.
Or before that when you gave mulled wine to the reindeers. Poor ones drank all the waters from south Gludio next day, since that the area called "Wastelands".
If you continue this tendency you will break your neck somewhere and the dwarfs will use your sled as wagon in Plunderous Plains.
You know well i like you. I like to party with you, funny guy. And you know i just want good for you. But if you fly drunken again i wont bring your plums to the distillery. And maybe i will take your wizard hat because im sure there is a bottle under it.
So be good in whole year and we remain friends. And visit me tomorrow by the Mother Tree i will show you some new...discoveries. Come on foot.

Your friend:

ps. Sorry if you can hardly understand me, im not thirsty anymore.
Dear Santa,

I'm just a lil noobie dwarf by the name of AnneBonney, with a prophet friend named Anabolica. Since I'm just a baby here and all, I should get a pretty hat to keep my dorfy head warm.

I get overshadowed a lot by the big, bad players who have levels and gear and more money and and... well, let's face it, dorf girls are cute. So, um... please please please please I need a jester hat. Nao.

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