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Dear Santa,

I've been hearing stories about how great and shiny this Christmas is going to be and I hope I can keep myself safe to see this come to pass. The evil is growing stronger each day and I fret I might not live to pass this year. There's rumors of a great green beast that's going to try and wreck havoc upon the evening before Christmas and it's going to try and steal all the presents from the kids. We'll get to the bottom of this! We'll find the great beast and slay it before it can do any harm to the helpless children.
However, Santa, we'll need to reinforce our troops with those magnificent magical hats we've been hearing about. For my set of armor I'd prefer to have the first hat shown here, so that I can boost my force and destroy the evil!

Best wishes to you Santa! And poke those little gnomes for us, they're doing fine work!

Yours sincerely,
Anesthesia, first row of the archers' troops.
Level 57 Female Hawkeye-=-=-=-=-Cheers-=-=-=-=-=- Anesthesia
Level 45 Female Tyrant-=-=-=-=-=-Mates-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Spice
Level 44 Female Shillen Oracle -=-=-Happy=-=-=-=-=- NoTashaque
Level 44 Female Bounty Hunter -=-=-Holidays-=-=- KuroYunittoIchi
Dear Santa,

It was not me who stole potions from goblins. Nor materials from horrible werewolves, I promise ! I took only what they gave me freely.
I was not evil this year : I never made a dwarf cry or a white elf bleed. And I don't even speak about orc. In fact, I healed one. So please, little santa, can you be nice too ?
If not, I'll send you one thousand of wolves from Gludin (and you know how evil they are : they want to attack everytime !). But the point is their attacks will be too cute for you. Their sweet eyes will make you cry and will make you want to give to all of us the first hat which look like for musqueteers.
So please. Give it to us before i begin to farm them for you.


( sorry for the faults : english is really not my first language. )
Dear Santa
I was a good kid this year 0 pk's plz give me a hat and i keep my pk's to 0 for next year also... pvpies is another thing dont shout to me about that!!! i am a good player give me my har plz!! in game name Spartan ! i would like first hat
Mr Santa

I wanted to tell you something for a long time,

and since you have contacted us have my chance:

I'll report you for animal abuse, Rudolf and his friends do not deserve a cruel master that forces them to work tireless on Christmas Eve. you will be forced to leave the reindeer at the North Pole and take an ecological helicopter.

Anyway I want my Christmas gift , if you do not, I will call the three wise men and you will get a beating.


Zanglus (first hat image)
Dear Santa or Dziadek Mroz Big Grin (depands on culture :)).

I dream to get from you white hat with black strap (the last one from pictures), I hope you will send very nice gift to Ugia for Christmass.
I'd like to make a small gift for you as well, that's why I've written a small poem :). I hope you like it.

When the snow falls DAWN,
when we all stop farm,
when dwarfs don't sell,
when wizards don't spell,
when orcs leave caves,
when elves stop chase bears,
when Raid Bosses sing,
when warlords don't swing,
when bowmen don't shoot,
when daggers stand on foot,

than all players rise eyes,
upon the DAWN's skies,
cuz Santa is crossing clouds,
and he is laughing aloud,
and Xmass gifts are falling DAWN.
We have Xmass on the server DAWN!

Mr. Santa,
Some of my friends are saying you don't exist but I believe with all of my heart that u are real. This year I was trying to be better than last one, if I succeed you are the only one who knows. I'm writing these words to you because I really want a Jester Hat, and I know you can make my wish come true. I always believed in you and always loved the presents you gave to me. Thanks in advance.
One of your favourite kid
[Image: q58NDPh.png]
Dear Santa Claus,

I am writting to ask for the Wizard Hat. I really want this because I've always believed in magic and this is a cool way to show it!

I was a really good Orc this year. My Orc mom said that I was so good that she thought that I should write you a letter to ask for this hat.

Please say hello to everyone at the North Pole. I am excited to see what is under the tree this year or my inventory!

Thank you,
Dear Santa, i did not pk anyone under lvl 15. plz give mage hats Big GrinDDD
Dear Santa

I writting this letter to you becouse i'm poor dworf dat failing all his crafts in game, I was trying different ways to craft something and finally become rich dworf and have fast striders, beautiful dark elf womans with big eyes, it's my only dream to have this all but to get dat goal I think i need a hat becouse I was thinking a lot about my failed crafts and I finally see the reason why i failed all of these iteams becouse i had no hat, then when I saw I can recive it from you I just imagine dat my dreams can comes true, soo dear santa plz gimme hat of wizard becouse if i'll recive dat one I'll obtain special crafting uber skill with I'll craft everything that i'll just want to. U can also give me some sweets, and toys.

Thanks, Shanks
Dear Santa,
I know you are a secret spy of Shilen so I was really naughty this year...
I molested people, Tricked them, Killed many innocent elpies (in your name ofcourse)
I even went to a priest in Giran Church and tricked him to give me the dark codex.
"For academic knowledge" i said and he bought it! hehe
Lately my hobby is to kill mutant angels with 4 wings and metal strings in TOI.
This year i would like you to give me something else except coal cause I have already a
warehouse in Gludin that is full...
This year i would like the first hat with the feather on top.... scratch the feather, i will get it from the angels.

Always yours, TonyMontana.
Balance Above All Else.

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