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Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is slowly but surely coming to L2Dawn!

[Image: xmas.png]

And with it - amazing events! I was told L2Dawn players are the best and most sincere people out there and was asked to visit them and fulfill their Xmas wishes! So here I am! I will be mainly doing 2 things on the server for the period of Christmas:

  1. Lineage 2 Xmas Event. Explore the world of Lineage 2, collect event items and build your own Christmas tree which buffs you and heals you! Oh and if you ask nicely I will give you my Santa's hat! And all newbies in all newbie towns will receive the Christmas Spirit buff!
  2. L2Dawn community Event. Oh this one is exciting. Here are the limited hats I was asked to gift to all good children of L2Dawn:
[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

[Image: 4.jpg]

How to get them you say? Oh it is simple. Simply write your lovely Santa a letter here! Right under my post! Make sure it is creative and nice - Santa likes reading! And include 1 of the hats that you would like to receive. And on the Xmas morning I will visit you while you are sleeping and will give you the hat! 

Players that wrote most creative letters will receive a special gift!

Let the fun begin!
Dear Santa Claus, this year have been very good, we say good, oh well ... so-so, but I love you!
Would I get me a gift of a hat?
You know, it's very cold.
Thanks, michelangelog79.
(player name: Bedelia, I like the jester cap, the second from top.)
Dear Santa Claus,

I have a lot to tell you. I've never been an eminent child despite the fact I am the fifth son of Priest Galas, brother of High Priest Biotin of Talking Island Village.
I never wanted to follow the rules adults have created. My father always meant me as a Knight. "Some day, son, you will fight for the kingdom of Aden in the name of our goddess, Einhasad." Nobody gave a single hoot about what I wanted. Pressure was hard, I had to let the steam off a lot of times. But I was not a bad child: maybe it was twisted, but I had the sense of justice in me.
Santa, you see everything. You know that I have stolen from the village's shop as a child to give it that old blind man who lived in shelter of the Temple of Einhasad. Gods and goddesses, I thought that pain in my back will never be gone after my father did to me. But you must know: I did it for good. I never regretted it. The shopkeeper was a prick anyways.
You watched my steps, growing from a rotten child to a rebel adolescent. I've been the best among the squires of Sir Colin Windawood, and my always-perfectionist father was satisfied with me.
You saw me take my vows, and you knew that time I had my plan already. They thought I was happy with their choice... becoming a Paladin only to slaughter innocent people in the name of Einhasad, orders given by politicians who call themselves holy people.
No. I have become something else... a Dark Knight. A Hell Knight. Santa, you see and know everything, because you are the oldest creature of the Gods. You have to know that the blade is not holy or demonic for it has a sharp edge. The man wielding it will give the blade a target. My blade becomes my attitude in my hands.
But I am no evil.
Everyone spits at me for being a damned, blasphemous, bizarre and twisted reflection of what I could have become. I do not regret it. I've done more good since I am considered "evil" by the societies who call themselves the "Force of Good". You saw my deeds... you get to decide if I'm evil or good. I'm not a naughty child anymore. I fight for the cause of Good, even if it means I have to kill for it.

a lonely hermit of Good, longing for a black chapeau.

PS. : Sorry for spanking Laica with one of the wooden practicing swords last time. It was just too tempting. Now that's something I regretted.
hello santa, HOHOHO i come to stolen hat so just give one, and you dont see blade close to your neck :) so you can run away to good childrens make them happy christmas and be honared for ever !
Hello Santa,

This is Whiptastic, but you know that. How are you doing? I am good. For Christmas I would like a black jester hat, a pony, and a level 13 blue soul crystal. I understand that's a lot to ask for, but I have been good.

Santa, what is the biggest cookie someone has given you? Do the reindeer wear earmuffs? Does Mrs Claus knit the hats?

Anyway, I need to go. My mom is calling me, Stay warm Santa.


Character: Whiptastic

Item: Black Jester Hat
Dear Santa ,
Passed a long time since I last wrote you. But I never stopped believing in you Rolleyes , that is the only way magic happens, isn't it ? I have tried to be a good girl this year  :angel: .  Will be very glad if you give me black hat with feather.  Wish you all the best and hope that Christmas preparation in your workshop is going great.

Hugs and Kisses,

P.S. Please   send us and some snow, I love making snowmen . Tongue
Hi santa, i have been working a lot and i help many people in this year , i wrote this letter to tell you about what i want to this year.
1.- I want a christmas with all my family
2.- I want a lot of new experience
3.- I want be healthy next year

Thank you , i will be excited to see you again
Hi santa, I was a good boy this year, so I wrote this letter for you with my wishes.
I really want to regain my health this year,
Get new socks (it's cold out here)
Oh and hat would be perfect to cover my ears Big Grin

Dear Santa,

Even though I wasn't the nicest boy I certainly was among the most honest ones :)
See? Talking to you, all imaginary and stuff... plus everyone knows who delivers presents - Pa'agrio!
So dear Pa'agrio in Santa's hat, I've been faithfully following the way of the fire since this summer, overlording here and there,
giving good circles to allies and bad circles to foes.
I voted (though not as much as I should have), I brought some friends to join us on L2Dawn (though not as many as I wanted),
I spoiled mobs and crafted items and spoiled my clan members with the items :)
But I forgot to clothe me...
From my clan I wished a Dark Crystal bathrobe and from you if I might ask I wish the last so low dropping fedora hat
because that one would fit nicely to my new jacket ;-)
I know you have a heart (I did the "wishing potion" fun) so please prove it.
Ill will give you my heart of Pa'agrio in return (but.. only... you know, if you join the clan). Big Grin

Thank you
Acting Overlord of Whitehill
Dear Santa,
 me just green orc and not very smart.  Named Hurricane, borned in a cave and trained by wolf parents. Me want gifts for christmas. Wolf family always gave christmas gifts, but they are already dead. Hurricane killed them all, cause was hungry. Hurricane wants first black hat. Santa gives Hurricane black hat and will be friend of Hurricane. Hurricane was good orc for last year and destroyed everything on his way, as an orc should destroy. Santa is good, however not green. However christmas tree is green... Writing is difficult for Hurricane and makes Head very hot. Hurricane tired
[Image: santa.jpg]

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