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Change LOG Updates

  1. As requested by the community, the Raging Waves Spell Book has been added to the Velociraptor monster. The drop: 0.128% as based on this source: 
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  2. Regarding the "Various issues" thread (
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    ) posted by our player Sepultribe the following were addressed: 1) Elder Lost Watcher was added the CBP spoil. 2) Tomb Inquisitor was added the BW gloves rec drop. The coins of magic quest will be checked by the next monday. 
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Valentine's Day event month has started. For more information please visit the Valentine's Day event NPC in any town/ village.
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1) Fixed - Spell Breaker Magic Mental Shield - now applies a lv 4 Mental Shield - as it is supposed to- instead of a lv 3 one.
2) Fixed - Branch Of The Mother Tree (clean) - now does 152 m. attk instead of 167 (incorrect later chronicles stat). All weapon versions now share the same base stats. 
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- Hot fix regarding reported several client crashes post patch 12. If the update doesn't start, run the "full scan" option in your updater. 
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