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Change LOG Updates

  1. Sayha's White Mask is now tradeable.
  2. Rice Cakes now have a 1 second cooldown.
  3. Temporary name color change items are now destructible.
  4. RaidBoss drops changed from x3 to x2.
  5. Queen Ant stats reworked.
  6. Retail Event package fix has arrived. Retail Spring event has begun.
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  1. Fixed lag related issue.
  2. Improved donation verification process (items will be added to characters within 2 to 24 hours).

We are currently working on the Baium respawn time puzzle, as well as augmentation skill cooldowns, as requested by our community.
Please note that due to ChinaTown currently taking a break, this process will take a little longer.

Thank you for understanding =]
[Image: 2cermf9.png]

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  1. Added retail cooldowns to active nuke augments. 
  2. Fixed Kat the Cat mana restore spell not restoring mana. 
  3. Fixed Unicorn Boxer mana restore spell not restoring mana. 
  4. Fixed SS recharge after the Lethal Strike skill use.
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  1. Reverted changes to Augmentations to investigate an issue causing paralysis after casting certain active augmentation skills.
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  1. Added Letter Event.
  2. Fixed an issue with the third class change Quest (3rd tablet not spawning mob).
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  1. Birthday event changes have been added (check
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    for more information).
  2. Pumpkin Event NPC has been respawned in Giran Castle Town for the duration of this week. Please note that this will be the last time we are extending the duration of an event. From now on, when the events change according to our
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    the NPCs will disappear until the recurrence of the event, no further exceptions will be made to this rule in the future.
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  1. Birthday event changes have been removed.
  2. Buff Chests, as well as Buff Scrolls are now tradable.
  3. Removed weight from all Buff Chest related items.
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30 / 05 / 2016

We have been working on the new boss respawn timers on our test server for the past week. During this time we discovered that our current configuration had a logical error concerning the Baium respawn timer and thus could not be switched to the required time frame. During this restart we will deploy the new framework which will allow us to collect the data of respawn windows and finally put a precise retail respawn time next Monday that you have been asking for. Augments should be ready on Monday as well. 

  1. Laid down a custom framework to patch the spawn time algorithm. 
  2. Trick Or Transmutation event started. 
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]

1. Raidboss respawn timers readjusted:

Queen Ant: 20-28h
Core: 32-40h
Orfen 32-40h
Zaken 46-50h
Frintezza 48-50h
Baium 120-128h
Antharas 192-200h
Valakas 264-272h

2. All augments have a 7 sec cooldown now. The augments have been separated and don't benefit from Dex (phys augments)/ Wit (magical augments) for the CDR anymore. 
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]

- Fixed the cooldowns of active buff augments (such as Celestial Shield, Prayer, etc.).
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