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Change LOG Updates

- Completely reworked all Raid Bosses, their drops, drop quantities etc. to the retail and to match the server's x5 rate environment. Now raidbosses drop with a correct chance and in correct quantities making them viable again.
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  1. Era system implemented. Now moons, stars, planets reflect the real time and events that happen on L2Dawn (7 Signs for example). 
  2. Wedding NPC added. Wedding is now available in Heine region (x,y,z - [102467, 225598, -3392]) . Marriage tutorial coming soon.  
  3. Population Cap increased. 
  4. Additional character algorythm security added. Scammed items can be tracked even more easily. 
  5. Items: Event Coin, Buff Chest for Mages/ Warriors, buff scrolls from those chests made untradeable. 
  6. Change character sex made possible. 

We are still configuring the contestable CHs (Beast farm and others)
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Soul Crystals fixed:

- Anakazel: 15% chance to level soul crystals from lv 12-13 for the whole party. 
- Amber: 100% chance to level soul crystals from lv 10-12 for the whole party, lv 12-13 2% per individual party member. 
- Baium: lv 10 - 11 ; lv 11-12 100% for the whole party. 
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Further Soul Crystal leveling fixes and updates:

  1. Tyrannosourus - the player landing the killing blow now has a 15% chance to level their crystal from lv 10 to lv 11 or lv 11 to lv 12. 
  2. Frintezza - 100% to level from lv 12 to lv 13 for the whole party. 
  3. Antharas - 100 % chance from lv 10 to lv 11; from lv 11 to lv 12; from lv 12 to lv 13. 
  4. Valakas - 100 % chance from lv 12 to lv 13. 

Clarifications about yesterday's fixed mobs:

  1. Anakazel - 15% chance to level the whole party's soul crystals from lv 12 - 13. It is either everybody's crystals or nobody's. 
  2. Amber - 100% chance for everyone in the party to level a crystal from lv 10 to lv 11 or lv 11 to lv 12 and a 2% chance per individual party member to level a crystal from lv 12 to lv 13 (meaning when you are in a party killing it and you have a lv 10 crystal it will go to lv 11, if you have a lv 12 crystal you have a 2% chance to end up with a lv 13). 
  3. Baium - it has a 100% chance to go from lv 10 to lv 11 or lv 11 to lv 12 for the whole party, so everyone in the party gets their crystals leveled during the killing blow. 
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- Fixed Bandit Stronghold Steward. Now Academy Members can also use all functions from CH NPC such as buffs and teleport. 
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  1. Hot Springs Rheumatism removed because it did not exist on a retail Interlude and is balance breaking for Interlude. 
  2. Added Medal Event. Medal Event will be running on L2Dawn until we receive the latest retail event package and will be able to give you guys all the events. 
  3. Fixed all contestable CH NPC AI.
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Fixed a territory mapping glitch where Aden Castle could be accessed using a wyvern. 
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  • Dasparion Staff: Fixed M. Attk. incorrect value 143 to 157.
  • Added Olympiad overweight point penalty reducing the points by 1/3 if the character is overweight. 
  • Added Olympiad relog penalty reducing the points by 1/5 to the violator. 
      To prevent Olympiad feeding:
  • Increased the required general number of users required to start the Olympiad match (Increased from 5 to 9).
  • Removed the Olympiad Manager dialogue text showing the exact number of participants prepared for the Olympiad and showing the "below 100" message instead. 
  • Magnus The Unicorn has been readjusted according to some retail examples we have found/ been suggested to us: 
Magnus The Unicorn:

M. Attk has been reduced by a factor of 1,96
M. Def has been reduced by a factor of 1,685.
Phys.Def has been reduced by a factor of 1,08.
Evasion has been reduced by a factor of 1,09.

Before nerf (no buffs):

[Image: Cattura.png]

After nerf (no buffs): 

[Image: nerfed.png]
[Image: useless-box-o.gif]

  1. Fixed the Antharas spawning immediately after 1st person teleporting in and closing the portal gate for the rest of the party. Now, like supposed to, after the first member entering the Lair everyone with the quest item can enter the lair for 10 - 15 min after which Antharas spawns and the portal gate closes. If a party leaves the lair without killing Antharas, Antharas will be there for next 15 min and then despawn, unlocking the portal gate again. 
  2. Valakas - Time for Valakas to spawn and close the gate - 20 min. During the 20 min grace period anyone with the quest item can enter. When Valakas spawns the gates close. If a party fails to kill Valakas and gets wiped, Valakas despawns in 15 min and opens the gate. Upon failure to kill Valakas the party is kicked to Goddard. 
  3. Fixed the missing spoils for: Ragna Orc Sorcerer, Ragna Orc Sniper, Ragna Orc Commander, Ragna Orc Warrior, Ragna Orc Hero. 
  4. Added "Hot Springs Bait" to the Goddard Fisherman NPC Klaus (Located in a Goddard's Grocery Store) making the Rainbow Chateau clan hall available. 
  5. We apologize for our error boosting the Desparion Staff m. attk to 157. The m.attk restored back to Interlude's original - 143. 
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  1. All hats have now been made tradable.
  2. Recipe: Elixir of Mental Strength (S-Grade) has been added to the Devastated Castle clan hall manager.
  3. Recipe: Elixir of Life (S-Grade) has been added to the Devastated Castle clan hall manager.
  4. TvT manager can no longer be despawned by being attacked.
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