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2. George/Taystee/Piper
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hi I play from at least two locations (mine and my gf's place, sometimes wifi hot spots). The deal is:
My place:
2-3 people (my dad and I)
Mines: CzlowiekBazant,Pheasantman and sometimes one of the clan ones (keeping up to 2 chars online +shop)
My dad: Alebabka/Spluwaczka
if My gf visits me : Fistaszek/Orzeszek

When we play from her place just mines and hers.

Hope its clear enough
Best Regards,
To everyone that submitted their requests - no worries, you can of course play with your friends/ family, we will get in touch in the process.
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First of all i think the new rules are confusing and unclear for new players. Most people that playing at private servers are used to simple rules, like “so many clients per PC”. Its easy to remember, especially since the server has a protection that won’t allow more than 2 windows per machine.

The “2 characters per IP” rule is hard to manage and confusing. There are players that never visit the forums and there are situations with people that log randomly from net cafes. You simply can’t know if there is another player in the same net cafe that plays on the server. If there is, the GM will simply see 4,6,8 boxes per IP and so on. So basically that means that everyone who plays from a public network must report to this topic, just in case, to avoid future bans. And if you happen to visit a net cafe once, you have to report to this topic anyway, just to be sure. It’s complicated to use a forum topic for a game server.

This might seems manageable for a 500-people server, but what if the server grow to something like 1500-2000 players? The “voice interview” will be a bad idea and you will have to change the rules again. I say, if the GMs can see the MAC addresses for every character, then keep it simple to something like: 2 characters per PC.

For the topic now:
1. I have situations where i give an extra support character to a friend when he comes over. So i have to report it, just in case. At these situations we are using 2 PCs and its something like “2 players, 3 total windows”.

2. So the active chars for these situations only (raids, sieges, other events) will be: MpiftekiaGemista / Kotosoufle

I have no idea what the L2 Dawn’s voice channel is. But I can provide Teamspeak server details or simply skype.

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