Poll: Do you want to have global chat in-game?
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Global Chat
Amrx gave you guys and amazing idea. I vote yes.
Why thank you kind sir. I think it does offer the best of both worlds.
We will make an experiment and enable the global chat starting from next restart. To prevent abusive spamming minimum level required to use the global chat will be 21. Users below level 21 looking for parties/ trades should be able to ask other players lv 21 and above to post a message for them just like they ask for HV. If it doesn't work, and players are unsatisfied we will script what Amrx has suggested before - the message timer cooldown.

Update: still under consideration.
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My vote is still NO, no exceptions no timers no restrictions no global spam ( we already have enough of it when Wiggle wants to say Wiggle Wiggle)
Plus a player can block hero chat but global shout will restrict those who wants to ask something important and not spam, so we either block shout too or be subject to all noob spam. Plus it might enrage new players who will log in the first time and see all the chat trash but wont be able to use it. NO NO NO
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Yes mrbobe I understand your reasoning. We are still thinking of alternatives and other solutions to meet the happy medium.
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omg for what that topic is still open?? this is retail-like server, on retail u dont have global chat, when ppl join server they know there is no global so imo its no point to change it. im still for big big NO!
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Hmm.. players voting no. Is HV not sufficient for you guys? :/
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This topic was made when the server started. At that time, people probably needed this to reach eachother easier since everyone was low-leveled and not all of them reached Giran. I'm pretty sure this poll is outdated, especially that we're having HV now.
SKARR - L2Dawn Staff
I ban bots since 1923...
SKARR I was about to say this now! Server doesn't need global chat, almost 3 months after it opened. You d better close this thread and keep it retail. It's another reason to pursue hero status ;)
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We want to keep the server retail, not to convert the concept retail to a dogma used to go against every suggestion, even if it is a minimal change whose effect doesn't change the game experience considerably.
A thing that I'm sure that breaks the retail option is to add a GMshop, and that is an extreme change with huge effects on the dynamics of gameplay.

That is, in spite of being a thread opened in the beginning of server, I still think it deserves to be discussed as I see it as a tool for better communication that is optional (can be blocked) and can be restricted in several ways to avoid spam.

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