Poll: Do you want to have global chat in-game?
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Global Chat
(05-09-2015, 12:04 PM)Amrx Wrote:
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Could I post about a possible medium? Make the trade chat global, but with a limit of ONE post per each 5 minutes. That way, when the server is in its early days, we could easily announce that there are shots on sale in MDT for example.
If somebody breaks that 5 minute rule, simple chat ban for 10 minutes.

Shout shouldn't be global, but if people want to get there goods out to around the world, they can do. And if people find it a bit annoying, well they can always just go into the system and untick +trade to show in their chat, can't they?

+1 sounds good
I suggest 1 post in Trade Channel per 2 minutes.
(05-09-2015, 12:02 AM)Rise Wrote:
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I vote for no global chat
1. It's easier for trolls to get to people
2. 90% of the messages were utter spam, not to mention that only 10% of them were in English, my entire chat log was full of stuff I didn't understand
3. Too much negative comments about how many players are online might get to some people
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22 to 19 in favor of global chat <3 Can we have that global chat now? :)
Doubt it, this was only active for the first few hours of the server, its bad enough in Giran due to all the trades... can you image that across the world, several hundred shouts per minute.....

No thanks bud!
+1 for global chat till heroes.
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enable global chat till the Heroes arrive is a good idea
I'm in favor of global chat with a couple conditions, minimum level requirement of 20 to use it and a delay on each message. This chat can be used for clan or party/cp advertisement. I would keep it atleast until September when most or all of the classes have heroes.
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Hm, its quite sad that "NO" is actually the better answer for a lot of valid reasons you guys already mentioned.

Where as in "YES" is my preferred choice. I havent given up yet, that common sense is still a thing in 2015 - that includes being actually happy that a global chat exists and to not abuse it with spam, false language, offensive language and what not.
Though I can fully understand if we keep it the way it is now. Its probably to much extra work to put in for the administration to send out warnings for abusive behaviour in global chat all the time.

"Thats why we cant have nice things" is quite fitting for this one.
Yes. Global chat with restrictions against overflowing and the possibility to disable it as the other tabs (party, clan, ally, ...).

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