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MP per tick / Toggle skills - Hassassin - 12-28-2016

I am trying to find out info about how much MP per tick is consumed with toggle skills in order to make some predictions on future +6 heavy set. Please share if you know such info.

RE: MP per tick / Toggle skills - sazzy3 - 12-28-2016

Hello Hassassin. Regarding +6 here is the bonus you get from them ->
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The bonus itself is not a big thing but the diference from +3 to a +6 all set (eg : ic : 5 pieces x 9p.def from extra enchants) is 45 extra p.def. This p.def gets added to the raw p.def (so from buffs and songs and cov gets boosted to maybe 90 more p.def). Regarding the +56 p.def from +6 bonus .. I think that gets added as a constant to the final p.def and it is not affected by buffs.

RE: MP per tick / Toggle skills - Kieyra - 12-29-2016

That depends on skills you use as well. Some use more, others use less MP.