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Full Version: Change LOG Updates
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- fixed barakiel AI: now should work ok.

- fixed quests: Relics of Old Empire and Gather the Flames
- fixed crash bug on teleport from Fantasy Island to Giran

-fixed teleport to Cruma Tower
-fixed dance near walls
-fixed pet
-fixed auctioner , now dose not require clan level

- foods for pets was removed , now is like before
- ember fixed for soul cry

- supplier of regents quest fixed

- fixed teleport outside from cruma tower
- fixed The Finest Ingredients part 1 quest
- fixed The Finest Ingredients part 2 quest
- Demon Blood now drops ok in quest
- Adventure Guildsman in Aden : Dialogue Option: "Use Life Crystal -> Assemble into Adventurer's Box" should work ok now
- fixed Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force quest
- Seven Sings participation should be fixed on next reboot . About people that are on dusk and want to move to dawn I will try to move today. But I don't promise nothing. It may damage the more if not work ok. I will test and come with feedback. We sorry again for this issue.

- Preachers that give SSQ curse will be removed tonight !
- instant change of clan leader works (just restart your character after change)
- removed orators and preachers for 1 week
- spectral lord pets stats fixed

TvT Registration period increased to 20 min.
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