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Full Version: One Year On L2Dawn with Retail Events
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We have developed the annual calendar of retail events to boost up your gaming experience and adventures. Events are as follow:

  1. August - September - October: Medal Event
  2. November: Music Festival (Music Box)
  3. December: XMAS Event
  4. January: Fireworks Event
  5. February: Valentine's Lovers Event
  6. March - April: Spring Nectar Event
  7. May - June - July: Letter Event
  8. cycle restarts at bullet 1. 
As you can see, some events take more than 1 month. We might add several more activities in the upcoming months to spice up the events and to not make them overstay their welcome. 

Below will be posted events and their instructions. 
MEDAL EVENT (2015/10/12 - 2015/10/31)

[Image: cat.png]

Hunt the monsters that dwell in the lands of Aden and Elmore to fill Collector Bashtal's medal collection. 
You will find two types during your search: Medals and Glittering Medals

Roy the Cat 
Roy the Cat will trade your Medals for a fantastic prize of your choice.

[Image: prizelist.png]

Winnie the Cat 

You will need to raise your collector level to be eligible for many of the items. If you wish to raise your collector's level, see Winnie the Cat. By giving her Glittering Medals, you will have the opportunity to raise your collector level by playing a special game that will test your luck.

[Image: badges.png]

Louie the Cat 

You may also run into Louie the Cat, a wandering traveler who also collects Medals and would be more than happy to trade some of his wondrous inventory...

[Image: loui.png]

Have the best fun on L2Dawn!

Bibliography and sources: 

WOW nice Big Grin
Good job!
I forgot to write this yesterday but I might as well do it now: It's not normal mobs dropping medals and glittering medals with 100% drop chance. I expied for 2 hours and got 300medals (!)
Hello! It would be better if you could post correct reward info like here:
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The event list has been updated by adding an event to NOVEMBER.
Just a suggestion: you could make glittering medals a bit more useful by making them convertible for simple medals.
Becoz right now what happens is, ppl get some glitt medals, they get wolf level very easily (maximum 200 glits), and thats it, no shop sell price, nothing to do with them, they are useless.
But if you made them convertible to 1 glit = 10 simple medals or something like that, they could become useful again.
And maybe change the drop rate after this accordingly.
I must have already dropped 400+ glits on the ground to clear a slot in my inventory. The problem, as I and many others have already stated, is the drop chance which is 100%. When you earn 5 medals from 5 mobs, you earn 1000 medals from 1000 mobs, of which let's say 2/5 are glittering medals, so that makes 400 glitterings. If the drop chance was 20% or 10% things would be a lot different. On other servers I had been playing where there was the same event being held, I remember glittering medals used to lose their value completely in the last 5-6 days of the event. Here it was a matter of hours Tongue
Well it was our first attempt to run a retail event. Next event is Music Box, starting in November and we will refer to your suggestions.
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