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Full Version: Happy Birthday SKARR!
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The elves are singing,
The orcs are dancing,
The humans are roaring,
The dark elves are not so dark out of a sudden,
The dwarves are filling their big tummies with the best food and ale,
And they are all screaming,

[Image: giphy.gif]
Happy birthday!

Also happy birthday to Siragrus ^^
Many hours with Lineage Dawn :),
many events with us,
and ...
All the best!
Thanks guys! You're all awesome! <3
Happy Birthday!!!
La multi ani IG Big Grin !!!!!!!
La multi ani , Unul su Singurul.
happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy to Yaaaaaaaaaaaa
Happy birthday Skarr! Have a Beer for all of us....... nice knowing you if you do that! :)
Even in birthday parties DORFS contribute in the most important way, they bring FOOD and ALCOHOL. Now you should all love us Big Grin
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